In the fall of 2010 the Minnesota archbishops sent out a DVD with political and anti-gay agenda. I collected a couple thousand of these DVDs with the idea of transforming the original message of fear and rejection into one of hope and inclusion. This personal art project marked the end of residency at the Basilica of St. Mary and gave me my "15 minutes of fame". I chronicled as it happened at


I enjoy making little films, as a hobby.

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Tenebrae was filmed at the Basilica of St. Mary in 2010.

Star Trek: So Fluffy

Star Trek: Dog Gone

I'm also part of the film-making partnership Fly Off the Wall Films

The Disinherited

A Very Herring Christmas

Peeps Blow Up

The Making of Peeps Blow Up

Orestes and the Fly (A Tragicomedy, with Tap Dancing)

(Click on photo, instead of title, to just see the flip-book animation 
used in this film.)

Dog Doodles are my drawing romps.