Pope John Paul II proposed a series of scriptural stations of the cross, which portray only incidents related in the gospels. He celebrated these biblical stations for the first time at the Roman Coliseum on Good Friday 1991.

These are six mono-prints, from a series of fifteen biblical stations of the cross commissioned by the Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis MN in 2002. They were produced in collaboration with master printmaker Steven Anderson.


Station II: Betrayed by Judas                        Station IV: Denial of Peter


Station IX: Jesus Encounters                         Station X: Crucified

  the Women of Jerusalem


Station XI: The Good Thief                            Station XII: Mary and  

                                                                        the Beloved Disciple

To view the complete stations created in conjunction with meditations written by Johan Van Parys, PhD go to:


My black and white liturgical art is now available to churches for reproduction through Eyekons Church Image Bank. I've created, literally, hundreds of images. Eyekons is currently in the process of getting all my work on-line; there are already eight pages of images to browse through.



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