Camino Real is the working title of my graphic novel/travel memoir about walking the Camino de Santiago. Camino Real is one of the many names for this 500 mile pilgrimage route across northern Spain--the title is also a pun, as the book serves up my real--far from royal --experience.

The manuscript comes in at 261 pages. I am currently seeking a publisher/agent for this work. I have the first 15 pages as finished samples, and the rest of the manuscript is in a very readable dummy draft (sample below.)

I have started a blog where I'm posting thoughts about the Camino that arose from the process of writing and illustrating Camino Real, as well as "how to" pieces about the art.

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Check out the "Ask an Artist" interview with me on Prehistories: a wonderful blog about archaeology and art. At the end of the interview, I discuss the Camino Real and some different images from the book are included. 

Opening pages of Camino Real:

Note on page 3: when appropriate, throughout the book I've created 
watercolors of my photographs--such the rendering in panel 3 of the 
Cathedral in Santiago.

Jumping ahead to page 6, note that the church in the second panel is
an image taken from the sketchbooks I kept on the walk.  Sometimes
these sketches figure prominently in a story, other times--like here--they 
are tucked into the background.

This story is a very personal narrative, but much in it is universal to
the Camino pilgrim experience.

Because I love history, art, and legends--these are also part of my 
Camino story:

This is an example of the quality of the rest of my rough draft.

Here's the sort of drawings from my sketchbooks, that you can expect to 
see (cleaned up) in Camino Real.


In collaboration with author Hannah Sackett, I am excited to present a few opening sample pages from our graphic novel: Nicky's First Case: The Lady Vanishes.

We are currently seeking a publishing home for Nicky.

page 1

page 2

page 3

To view the complete opening scene (8 pages) and for more dope
on Nicky, check out Nicky's Casebook at:

I had a lot of "behind the scenes" involvement with Holy Crocodile! It's a fun book for any animal lover or saint fan. Check out the Holy Crocodile blog at:

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