Stories for Children

                        1. Holy Crocodile!

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.01.54 PMI wrote and illustrated this book. Caroline Cory was my pen name.

Many people are familiar with stories of saints who help animals. I’m interested in stories of saintly animals. In this book I collected legends from the Catholic, Coptic, and Orthodox Christian traditions where insects, sea creatures, reptiles, birds, dogs, and cats, helped saints with everything from little chores to saving their lives.

This book is (sadly) out-of-print, but copies are still available on Amazon or by contacting me. To read more related to creating the book, check out my Holy Crocodile! blog by clicking here.

2. Nicky’s First Case: The Lady Vanishes

Sample 1 Nicky's Casebook: The Lady Vanishes

Nicky is a street-wise fox terrier who follows his nose to investigate the disappearance of the beautiful greyhound, Margo.

This wants-to-published graphic novel was created in collaboration with author Hannah Sackett. I have drawn the complete story in roughs, and a few pages of sample art in a film noir style, appropriate to the story’s setting: 1930’s New York City.

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