The Relic Thief: A Graphic Novel

The images here are sample pages (1, 5, 8, and 12) from my graphic novel, The Relic Thief.

It was a routine commission: the theft of a small relic. The year is 1347 and stealing relics—as long as you don’t get caught—is a legitimate business. 

The public veneration of Saint Willibrord’s corpse provided the perfect opportunity for Ysabel to steal his thumb. Everything seemed to go well. Ysabel left the church aware of a buzz of excitement behind her. She was well away when Willibrord rose: the first of the demonic undead.

Brother Aelred, and his son, had front row seats for Willibrord’s resurrection and the mayhem that followed. At first Aelred thought Ysabel was a witch, who was to blame for Willibrord’s rising. Later—being theologically minded and thus able to rationalize everything—Aelred realizes that Ysabel’s relics are the key to defeating the demonic undead, who are spreading their own version of the Black Death, across England.