1. Baby’s First Resist-Story

Created in collaboration with Francesca Davis diPiazza, Baby’s First Resist-Story chronicles our response to Trump’s first 100 days in office. View the whole zine on Issuu by clicking here: or on the link below. For a key to what sparked each image, click here.


2. DVD to ART Project

When the (now former) Archbishop of Minneapolis/St. Paul sent out DVDs opposing gay marriage, I felt called as Artist-in-Residence at the Co-Cathedral to counter this propaganda by turning thousands of these unwanted DVDs into art. I created a sculpture titled The Wave. The resulting brouhaha led to my “15 minutes of fame.” I documented it at DVD to ART.

In addition to making a sculpture from the DVDs, I invited women to a quilting bee where we stitched together the DVD sleeves. I called it the Wailing Wall because, like the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, people were encouraged to tuck their thoughts and prayers into its nooks and crannies. After The Wave sculpture was dismantled, I joined with a group called “Return the DVD” to deliver these unwanted DVDs (and thousands more that they collected) back to the offices of the archbishop.

Later, when the gay marriage was on the cusp of being legalized I did some collage: